A Holocaust Survivor & Her Story

New from physician and author, Renate G. Justin, MD–What I HAVE to Tell: A Memoir

Memory is a blessing and a curse. It makes us laugh out loud and shed tears; it stabs us and causes unexpected, acute pain. So it is with these stories of my life.

Each of us has to come to terms with memories. Each has to decide how his or her life story can best contribute to the lives and futures of our children. My answer tonight is to shield my little granddaughter from the pain of my youth, not to burden my children at this magic moment with my memories. Sharing our joy does not deny our past. There would be time for that later.

Stores need to be told to remind us that no society is free of prejudice: it is instead a constant source of pain and violence.

These are my memories. they are not necessarily correct or accurate, but they are what I have to tell.

The children’s version of this story, told through the eyes of her only possession–her doll, Giesela, is now available on Amazon.  A Long Journey.

This stirring memoir of life and death, joy and sorrow is forthcoming from Crystal Publishing, LLC.

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