Sparkles Is Ready to Launch

Sparkles is ready to launch on the 4th of July.  If you are in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, stop by Pointe Frontier (2nd floor meeting room), enjoy some birthday cake, and meet the author. Cheyenne people would you please reshare this announcement, please?  Mrs. Landy taught 1st grade there for 45 years, primarily at Goins… Continue reading Sparkles Is Ready to Launch

Add Some Sparkle to Your Life

Sparkles is the story of a small dog's life.  From the puppy mill to a very loving, devoted furever home, Sparkles lights up the lives of everyone she touches.  She is eagerly awaited at Doggy Heaven, and she forever sparkles in the sky. The details of Chelsea Glantz's artwork delight children of all ages.  Since… Continue reading Add Some Sparkle to Your Life

100-year-old Woman Writes First Book

Kathryn Scott Landy has just published her first children's book about a little dog's life.  Mrs. Landy taught first grade for 45 years  and adamantly believes in children learning to read. She hopes Sparkles will make her dream come true. All proceeds will be donated to Animal Rescue. Help us make her dream come true… Continue reading 100-year-old Woman Writes First Book