Tis the Season–TO SELL

If you are looking to sell your book for Christmas, take action now. Many tables are reserved a year ahead of time, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Check out all the events within a reasonable radius of your home. The season is full of festivals, fairs, and arts and crafts events. Check out the local libraries and schools.

Is this your launch? No. Try to launch your book another time. You typically avoid holidays that involve family and meals.

How much is a table? They range from free to hundreds of dollars. Make sure you know the price ahead of time.

Ask about how taxes work. Make sure you understand the paperwork if there is any.

Try to find a table in a high-traffic area. Study the people. Are they passing by your table without making eye contact? If so, talk to people as they walk by. If they are not paying attention to you, you pay attention to them.

Decorate your table. If your book is about snails, have a snail on the table. Provide newsletters, press releases, reviews, and a single sheet about your book.

Have plenty of cards. Pass them out.

Have bookmarks or some kind of swag to give away.

Talk to people at the table next to you. Do they have any marketing secrets?

Candy. Be careful with this. Always ask if it’s appropriate. Many schools and libraries will not allow it.

AND the biggie: put the “perfect” copies to the side. If you leave them out for customers to touch, you may wind up with a pile of books with broken spines that you cannot sell. Put one out that people can touch.

Don’t forget to smile as you autograph all those books.

Happy selling season from Crystal Publishing.




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