A New Discovery


Laura Beers has just published her second novel in her Regency Spy Romance series, A Peculiar Courtship.  The official release date is Dec. 2.  That’s right around the corner! And I do believe I spy more historical romance in her future!  Beers’ writing is fast-paced, emotionally charged, energetic, and fresh.  I’m already waiting for the next one.

I discovered Beers on Facebook of all places.  FB can be my great brain drain of the day if I get sucked into it.  And I do get sucked in.  I started joining writing groups, and as I swiped through dozens and dozens of pleas for editors, publishers, proofreaders, beta readers, and reviewers, one caught my eye:  Saving Shadow.  I’m not really an avid romance reader, but something drew my attention.  Maybe the cover. She had two posted and was asking for comments.  The next thing I know, I’m reading Saving Shadow.

When you read for a living and everyday the “to-do” list gets longer and longer and the pile gets higher and higher, ASKING to read another novel can be insane.  But this was a chance to read exactly what I wanted to read at the moment.  Saving Shadow hooked me.

Once I read that one (it’s in a previous blog), I had no choice but to continue.  A Peculiar Courtship picks up where Shadow ended, so I definitely recommend reading both of them.

So, why am I reading romance and running around in circles screaming, “You should read this!”?  Laura Beers.  One author who can integrate mystery and romance, hold the tension until the climatic moment reveals itself, and continue to hold the reader’s attention until all the suspense is resolved.

If you are looking for a well-crafted, well-written romance/mystery historical novel for the holidays, this would be my number 1 suggestion.  Or read both novels by Laura Beers—my other number 1 suggestion!


Amazon Review:

Lady Hannah, the daughter of Lord Pembrooke, is in imminent danger.  Mr. Walker, a steward at her father’s estate, has betrayed her family.  She barely escapes two men sent to capture her.  Her beloved horse Pirata delivers her into the safe hands of the Dawsons, a simple farm family.  Lucy Dawson takes a special interest in Hannah, and through their friendship, the social hierarchy is established and broken.  Meanwhile, Hannah’s disappearance from the estate has put a rescue mission into place:  Lord Jonathon Beckett sets out to save his love from the French spies who are determined to use her as a pawn in their attempt to overthrow the Crown.  However, the rescue gets complicated when the spies and Lord Jonathon show up at the same time in the same small village.  If they can find her here, can they find her anywhere?  Why is her life in peril? The plot gets tricky at this point.  Jonathon’s brother-in-law Lord Camden is married to his cousin Kate.  Lord Camden is a cruel and malicious man.  He could very well be the man behind the plot to overthrow the Crown.  Jonathon’s sister is Eliza, aka Shadow, and the two are headed to her estate.  If you have read Saving Shadow, you will realize the level of complicated espionage evident in Beers’ novels.  Mr. Larson is in charge of Eliza’s estate and quite efficiently takes charge of the situation.  The mystery behind Hannah’s attempted abduction slowly manifests itself. In fact, I found myself reading faster and faster at this point to counter the slow pace of the reveal—a nice, effective use of pacing.  As I flipped pages almost rhythmically, my heart went off into the world of romance.  The tension between Jonathon and Hannah is tender, but frustrating.  Each tries to read the other’s mind, which only ends badly for both of them.  But for some odd reason, they keep pursuing each other.  Perhaps this is love of the HEA nature.

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It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Books, books, books!!  Plan your Christmas now.  Thousands to choose from and lots of sales.

2017 Dates & Times:
Nov. 3rd Fri. 10am – 8pm
Nov. 4th Sat. 9am – 8pm
Nov. 5th Sun. 10am – 5pm

Ticket Prices:
Kids 13 & under: Get in FREE
Adults/Seniors/Youth: $15.50
One Ticket Gets You In All 3 Days!
Includes entry to Cooking For The Holidays

Ticket info and $1 off Coupon

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Hey Cheyenne! Black Dog (to the) Rescue!

The action starts Saturday morning.  The bookstore will be open all day.  This is your opportunity to visit with authors and do some early shopping.  Or read a book and dream about dogs.  Proceeds go to Black Dog Rescue.  You will also have the chance to win a raffle basket for the dogs.

Books from Crystal Publishing will be on sale:

Jack Gregson & The Forgotten Portal–a Moonbeam prize winner for 2017.  Jack and his cousins explore the mystery behind a door that has been locked for centuries.  Peter Wilson

Sparkles–the story of a little dog who was taken away from her mother and siblings and left at a pet store.  One day a woman sees her in her cage and rescues the poor little dog.  Sparkles’ life certainly changes.  KE Landy

Eggs with Ham–Eggs is a very curious dog.  He and his boy Ham go on many adventures. Corbin Hillam

Eggs with Cheese–Eggs is still curious and this time it’s a MOUSE!  EEEK! Corbin Hillam

Opel the Little Red Opal–a fun car story for the whole family, esp. Dad.  Corbin Hillam

The Purple Group–potty training?  Might as well bring in the troops!  Corbin Hillam

Splat!–Lucas doesn’t fit in and all the others are bullying.  Help Lucas get his wings and fly! Ellen Raine

The Curious Little Snail–Serena and her papa go on an adventure of scientific inquiry.  Great STEM book. Ashley Young

Turtle Monkey and the Big Move–TM has to move.  The adjustment isn’t easy, but TM can always make the best of a bad situation. Jo Fontana

Turtle Monkey and the Unfriendly Mushrooms–be careful what you eat!  TM has a bad tummy ache. Jo Fontana

A Turtle Monkey Halloween–TM’s favorite time of the year, and of course she fills it with mischief and mayhem. Jo Fontana

A Turtle Monkey Yule–When TM starts singing about Christmas, you know something is up.  Jo Fontana

Animals Galore–explore 4 whimsical characters in a Dr. Seuss-style setting.  LT Garvin

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Count Down to Print for Paws

We have a new venue! Please find us on October 28.  We will have a bookstore where you can purchase books about animals, visit with authors, and even sell your books.  Proceeds go to Black Dog Animal Rescue.




A Thrill A Minute

A well written romance with so much suspense you won’t be able to flip through the pages fast enough.  The historical details bring the setting to life.  The characters are bold individuals who challenge the status quo.  Shadow is aptly named, but she will not go into the shadow of your imagination.  And if you like this, I guarantee the second book will stand you on your head!

I joined a lot of groups on Facebook.  Probably a big mistake on my part, BUT I found this really great author.  I volunteered to be a beta reader and was pleasantly surprised.  Laura Beers is great to work with and her books are evidence of how much she is willing to sacrifice to make sure they are good.

Watch for the second book in the series, A Peculiar Courtship.  Magnificent.

Now available on Amazon.