Animal Lovers Unite!


Crystal Publishing has several children’s books featuring animals for Holiday gifts. Check out our recent selections.

The Curious Little Snail, by Ashley Young

Eggs with Ham, by Corbin Hillam

Sparkles, by Kathryn Scott Landy

Animals Galore, by L.T. Garvin

And of course, what could be complete without a Turtle Monkey?

Turtle Monkey and the Big Move

       Turtle Monkey and the Unfriendly Mushroom

       A Turtle Monkey Yule


Explore the World of The Curious Little Snail and Join Her Blog Now!


Beat the Heat–READ


If you’re trying to stay cool in this record heat, try following Serena the Snail through the lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest.

Serena and her papa have great fun exploring the flora and fauna.  Serena’s message is one that resonate in children’s ears:  if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again.  Making a mistake is a great learning experience.  Don’t fear failure.  Even tiny little Serena learns that lesson.

Written and illustrated by Ashley Young.  Now available at

Ashley’s launch is forthcoming.  Stay tuned for the date.

The book comes as a coffee table style book.  The images are bold and beautiful.

A soft cover version is also available.  No matter which one appeals to you, the lesson remains the same.  Papa is a wise one.

Really? Only One More Day???


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The Curious Little Snail goes on sale tomorrow!

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Curious and “curiouser”??


So curiosity led you here?  Good.  You’re in the right place.

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Ready?  Let’s go…

Serena the Curious Little Snail will be available April 27 in two sizes:  9 x 7 and 12.75 x 10.75.

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A Snail’s Pace


How many times do we just walk past nature’s miracles without even noticing?  Papa says it best:  “Pace yourself, Little Snail. There are many secrets to discover and plenty of time.” @serenathesnail @crystalpubs2014

An exclusive hardback edition is now available at

Enjoy the magical world of Serena the Snail


What is in the curious little world of snails?  Explore the magic of life and the secrets of nature with Serena the Snail. @serenathesnail @crystalpubs2014

An exclusive limited edition is available at

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