Timeless Tulips, Dark Diamonds

New from author Ellis Nelson, author of Elephants Never Forget and Into the Land of Snows!  This visionary fiction, a ghost story, will crawl under your skin and into your head.

This is the tale of two girls whose lives intersect. Annika lives in the time of the Dutch Republic and Tulipomania. Lydia is a fourteen-year-old modern-day teenager. Their lives first connect when Lydia travels to Amsterdam with her parents. The last thing she expects is the weird incidents that plague her stay. Curtains flutter mysteriously, and unexplained shadows move through the kitchen unnerving her. She dismisses the odd occurrences blaming them on jet lag and the various symptoms of her migraine disease. Lydia’s father lands a new job in upstate New York, an area first settled by the Dutch, and the family moves. The bizarre happenings continue. When Lydia’s life is threatened, she is forced to go in search of the past and solve a centuries’ old mystery.

Forthcoming from Crystal Publishing, LLC

Find out more about Ellis Nelson at www.ellisnelson.com

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