What does an editor do?

You are your own worst enemy when it comes to editing.  There's a psychological term for this that escapes me right now, but it boils down to mind games.  Your brain will look at errors and automatically correct them or fill in the blanks. Can You Read This?  by Chris McCarthy (Study@ecenglish.com) I cnduo't bvleiee… Continue reading What does an editor do?

Tips for First-time Authors

How to I start? Typically, you pitch an idea or send a query letter before you write an entire manuscript that may or may not be accepted.  Don't pitch to a company that doesn't accept unsolicited manuscripts.  Don't pitch a romance to a company that specializes in mystery or a children's book to a company… Continue reading Tips for First-time Authors

How To Prevent Publishing Frustration

Writers publishing for the first time often lack the understanding of the complete process.  The number one virtue in this business is patience. Remember it took JK Rowling 10 years of patience before Harry Potter became successful.  Overnight success is unrealistic. So to illustrate this, I'm including this diagram from the Huffington Post. If you… Continue reading How To Prevent Publishing Frustration