Eggs with Ham

Eggs with Ham is a delightful new series coming soon.  Eggs the Dog explores the curious world of humans with his best friend, Ham. @crystalpubs2014  Eggs goes to school on the bus! Eggs sings in the church choir! Written and illustrated by Corbin Hillam

Turtle Monkey Specials

Turtle Monkey likes holidays like any other kid.  @crystalpubs2014 Her favorite holiday is Halloween. Schedule for release mid-September. A Turtle Monkey Yule, plus a bonus surprise, will be the perfect gift.  When Fuzztastic the cat joins the family, the holiday fun and humorous chaos will keep your child occupied. See Jo Fontana: Email: Website: Facebook:… Continue reading Turtle Monkey Specials

Let the Turtle Monkey Saga Begin

Turtle Monkey is back and in a big way. @crystalpubs2014 Four adventures are coming out this year. Scheduled for release in July, just in time for school.  If you are moving, changing schools, worried about finding friends, or encountering the school bully, Turtle Monkey faces each new challenge with her resourceful, and hilarious actions. Scheduled… Continue reading Let the Turtle Monkey Saga Begin

Sports: the Texas Way

Everything is bigger in Texas, including 4th grade athletics.  Follow Nate as he takes on the challenge of every seasonal sport.  @crystalpubs2014 Follow LT Garvin on Facebook. Forthcoming: Dancing with the Sandman - a novel about life in West Texas Animals Galore - a quirky poem about unusual animals.      

Jake and His Fancy Recycle Truck is Back

Jake is still busy saving the environment.  Cheer for him as our recycle hero sets out to save the world.  This is the second edition of this book, a 2015 Moonbeam Winner. @crystalpubs2014 The perfect book for teaching children the importance of preserving our environment. Second edition coming soon, AND there's a sequel you'll certainly… Continue reading Jake and His Fancy Recycle Truck is Back

Romance at Its Best

Be sure to check out Brenda Hodnett's new romance novel: Blemished Beauty.  Release  scheduled for August. @crystalpubs2014 Insecurity and self-esteem issues plague our heroine Daphne Zollinger.  Will she come to terms with herself and make the right choices? Cover by        

Corbin Hillam–Talented Illustrator AND Writer

Corbin is not only one of Crystal Publishing's illustrators, but he is also the author of 4, now 5, children's books. @crystalpubs2014 Eggs and Ham:  The Story of Eggs the Dog and His Best Friend Hamlet. Soon to be released.  An interactive series. Visit Corbin at