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Talent Galore

L.T. Garvin’s wide range of talent is about to be available.

She has written a short story, “A Night at Bailey’s Grocery,” printed in The Texas Writers Journal, and Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete, a humorous children’s story about the pressure of sports in a world where football, basketball, baseball, and track reign.

Now available at

Enjoy her wry humor as she journeys into a past of memories, colorful characters, and the dust storms in West Texas.  Dancing with the Sandman will take you back to the 50’s and 60’s in a nostalgic and humorous manner.  Guaranteed to give you a laugh and bring back memories of your own.

Fiction, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

And last, but not least, Garvin rounds out her talents with a children’s book of poetry, Animals Galore.  Children will love reading about the Animeau, the Fredator, the Purple Cow, and the Eggplant Elephant.

Forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.















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A New Adventure Series for Children

Follow Eggs the Dog as he explores the crazy world of just about everybody! In Ham and Eggs,  he and his boy Ham make every moment special.

Watch for his next adventure:  Eggs with Cheese.

The perfect series to read to a little boy who is attached to his dog.  Great for adult dog lovers, too!

Yours on sale now at