Said is Dead


I said I was going to stick to my New Year’s resolutions this year – so I said.

But then I find out that said is dead so instead:

I mentioned I was going to stick to my New Year’s resolutions this year – so I mentioned.

I am editing a manuscript with 248 “saids” in it.  That’s probably overdoing it a bit and the writer could use a little more variety. But some of the so-called substitutes are so fake.

I once had an administrator who used “opine” all the time.  We got a kick out of that one.  Why not just say “think”?

Grammar Problems


There is no doubt that the English language is changing rapidly. I have to force myself from committing the sin of all sins:  two spaces after a period.

We have all had our moments with Grammar Check and Spell Check.

A great alternative is Grammarly or Grammar Girl.  I highly recommend Grammar Greeks on LinkedIN —  great discussion threads.

And we all have our pet peeves.  After spending many years in the southwest, I found two expressions creeping into my vocabulary:  “just” and “y’all.”

“Y’all” seems to be holding its own, but “just’ just isn’t doing it.  I’m in a writers’ group.  I know I use that word a lot, but it is one man’s pet peeve.  Every time I read, we have the “just” discussion.  I’m trying!

Some of mine are in/into, few/less, effect/affect, and good/well — to name a few.

What are yours?

RIP: The Aspostrophe?



Is it true?  Is this one little mark soon to be an extinct creature?  Are we purposely jettisoning the old in favor of ….?  Yes, you heard me:  extinction or …? Something?  Nothing?

I’ve heard this rumor for years now and wondered how we would get along without it.

So where are you in this seemingly ugly battle?

Can we get along with out it?

The Foolish, Malicious War on Apostrophe’s by John McWhorter

“Are Apostrophes Necessary?  No!”

Those who maintain to kill the apostrophe are growing in number.  In fact, George Bernard Shaw actually weighed in on this debate.

More recent authors are omitting the apostrophe entirely, using it only under specific circumstances or experimenting with it in unusual ways. “Why even bother with these uncouth bacilli that so befuddle and frustrate us?”

James Harbeck, blogger of “Kill the Apostrophe – we would all be better off without it!”  has some humorous, if not serious points.

For those grammarians out there, this article may make your point:  Mind your language.

If you can’t use an apostrophe, you don’t know your s***

The Apostrophe Protection Society was started in 2001 by John Richards, now its Chairman, with the specific aim of preserving the correct use of this currently much abused punctuation mark in all forms of text written in the English language.

You may contact John Richards at

Both opinions (and blogs) are entertaining, but when it comes to your grammar usage, how do you weigh in?  Pro or Con?

Anxious to hear from you.