Back-to-school Anxiety

Turtle Monkey must move and start a new school.  She is sad and excited at the same time. Discover the hilarious antics of Turtle Monkey and her friends Laugh at her unusual stories and situations Learn how you too could have a "monkey" problem and how a little green monkey just might help you face… Continue reading Back-to-school Anxiety

Where in Rio is Nate?

Looking for high-pressure sports?  And a bit of a sense of humor?  You and your child must have your own copies of Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete by LT Garvin. Don't share this one! Geer up for the dynamics of 4th-grade football as  can only be told through the eyes of Nathan. Check out… Continue reading Where in Rio is Nate?

Nate’s Back-to-School Bash

Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete launches September 8 at the Burkburnett Library.  Time for Nate to hit the football field! Appropriate read for sports fans of all ages and especially for children starting their elementary sports experience. Check out LT Garvin on FB.  Get your autographed copy now.