Secret to a Long, Happy Life?

The Power of Pets: Creating a Connection By Barbara Worthington Animals can open the lines of  communication with older adults, diminish their isolation, and even improve physical conditions. Americans have long been a society of animal lovers. Animals provide companionship, unconditional love, and lifelong friendship. In 2007, 71.1 million U.S. households owned some type of… Continue reading Secret to a Long, Happy Life?

Germaphobic? Where Did That Cold Come From?

Find out where those germs are coming from?  UH.....OH! See  Only a few copies are left. The books are coming! And the readers and writers will follow, as they do by the hundreds of thousands every year for the Miami Book Fair International, an eight-day literary party in November. The Fair, in its 32nd… Continue reading Germaphobic? Where Did That Cold Come From?