Where in Rio is Nate?


Looking for high-pressure sports?  And a bit of a sense of humor?  You and your child must have your own copies of Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete by LT Garvin. Don’t share this one!

Geer up for the dynamics of 4th-grade football as  can only be told through the eyes of Nathan.

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Hey, Texas!


Hey, Texas, where everything is bigger, your secret weapon is about to be released:  Nate the Great!

Follow 4th grader Nate as he anxiously looks forward to all the sports in Sportsville, Texas: football, basketball, baseball, track, judo.  While the Attention Monster rather interrupts his studies, his mother does her best to keep him focused.

Fun and entertaining for children and adults alike.

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L.T. Garvin


L. T. Garvin is the pen name of Lana Broussard. She writes fiction, poetry, essays, and publishes a blog.  L.T. resides in Wichita, Falls, Texas where the weather is hot and sports competition is tough.  She has previously published poetry and a short story, A Night at Bailey’s Grocery in the Texas Writers Journal.  (Texas Writers Journal asks that it have the notation of being previously published in TWJ if it is reprinted elsewhere.)

Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete is an amusing story of a young boy’s experience with sports.  Publication, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

She has also penned a novel, Dancing with the Sandman, and a series of amusing Seuss-like poems. Publication, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

Check out her blog on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/LT-Garvin-791835704234435/

Football is King


Nathan is caught up in sports frenzy.  You know… the BIG frenzy, Texas-style frenzy. Confessions of a 4th Grade Athlete is a hilarious romp through the 4th grade told from a boy’s point of view.  You can’t help but laugh and read it over and over again. @crystalpubs2014

Follow the author and her blog at https://www.facebook.com/LT-Garvin-791835704234435/   under L.T. Garvin

It wasn’t my best game mainly beause the coach forgot to put me in it.  Mom said, “That’s fine.  Your football uniform will be nice and clean for the next week.”

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