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How do you protect the environment?

Let Jake the Happy Trash Truck, by Yvonne and Scott Osborne, show you how.

Jake the Happy Trash Truck has a problem. Trash is over running the lake, and his aninal friends who live there may have to move if they cannot find a way to get it cleaned up. This clever little trash truck knows exactly what to do, and he gains the admiration of everyone as he turns into a recycle truck superhero!

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Jake Saves the World!

Jake the Happy Trash Truck has a very important job. He picks up the trash in his neighborhood to help keep his town clean and safe. Jake is very good at his job and takes pride in helping those around him.

What makes trash fun?  Jake the Happy Trash Truck, of course.  Follow Jake as he takes on trash troubles and recycles them to perfection.

This is the perfect book to teach recycling and the value of our environment.  Appropriate for all ages, superhero included.

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Now on sale at  Also available in Spanish.

Children's literature, Corbin Hillam, ecology, Education, environment, Osbournes, recycle, school, science

Jake and His Fancy Recycle Truck is Back

Jake is still busy saving the environment.  Cheer for him as our recycle hero sets out to save the world.  This is the second edition of this book, a 2015 Moonbeam Winner. @crystalpubs2014

The perfect book for teaching children the importance of preserving our environment.

Jake the Truck final 5a

Second edition coming soon, AND there’s a sequel you’ll certainly enjoy.

Illustrations by Corbin Hillam.






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Need Some Ideas for Kids?

Jake is a  2015 Moonbeam prize winner for children’s books.

Invasion is a cute story about germs.

Sparkles tells her journey of a going from sadness to happiness.  All proceeds from this book are donated to animal rescue.  You can have a book and do something kind at the same time.

Only a limited number are left, so get yours now.  If you are in the Colorado area, we can get a copy to you without postage.


Children's literature, ecology, environment, recycle

Jake Is over the Moon!

TCChildrens2014Awards will be presented in the evening after the fourth annual Traverse City Children’s Book Festical on November 14th, in Traverse City, Michigan.  The festival is open to the public and runs from 10 – 4.

The exhibit space at the festival is sold out but you are welcome to attend if you are in town for the award ceremony. (We are soooo lucky!)

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