Is It Time Yet?

Turtle Monkey is so anxious to meet everyone today, she can barely constrain herself. Visit Turtle Monkey and her creator, Jo Fontana, at Park Hill Library 3-5 4705 Montview Blvd. Denver, CO 80207 Win your very own Turtle Monkey! Turtle Monkey and the Big Move, $12.95 Illustrations by Corbin Hillam. Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google… Continue reading Is It Time Yet?

Cursive is Alive?

Once all but left for dead, is cursive handwriting making a comeback? - The Washington Post I have spent hours combing through fonts to find something for children.  I was first alerted that cursive was no longer taught when I sent a handwritten note to a 10-year-old. Finding the right fonts that do no… Continue reading Cursive is Alive?

Ain’t Nate Great!

Nate, a 4th grader in West Texas, tells his story about life in Sportsville, USA.  The story will ring true to those of you in big football/baseball/basketball states. Appropriate for all children, 4-10 and any adult who likes sports stories! LT Garvin writes with a sly humor that will even make the most stoic adult… Continue reading Ain’t Nate Great!

A Dog and His Boy

"This is my boy, Ham. His real name is Hamlet.  (His parents are big fans of a guy named William Shakespeare.)  Everyone calls him Ham for short...I love Ham more than anyone else.  I've know Ham as long as I can remember...We do everything together.  We are best friends." You've probaby heard of ham and… Continue reading A Dog and His Boy

About Us

Crystal Publishing is a small publishing company in Ft. Collins, Co.  We designed the company based on the underlying premise that authors do not get paid what they're worth.  @crystalpubs2014 And they don't.  Pure and simple.  So we wanted to set the industry on its head:  make it profitable for a writer to make a… Continue reading About Us

Kathryn is at it again!

Kathryn Scott Landy has a great interest in animal welfare.  Her dogs were her babies. Join us in celebrating Kathryn's 101th birthday.  In honor of that, Crystal Publishing will soon release her Cat Tales.  Proceeds from that book will go to the Sheridan Second Chance Cat Rescue.  Please help us support our furry friends. Kathryn may… Continue reading Kathryn is at it again!

Beat the Heat–READ

If you're trying to stay cool in this record heat, try following Serena the Snail through the lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest. Serena and her papa have great fun exploring the flora and fauna.  Serena's message is one that resonate in children's ears:  if at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.  Making… Continue reading Beat the Heat–READ

Actively Mourning the Loss of the Passive Voice

This is a sensitive topic for me.  Studying the classics makes you extremely aware of the passive voice. I was in a writing group one time where one of the members had followed his whim to walk in Hemingway's shoes.  He went to Paris and visited all the usual Hemingway sites. When he returned, he had… Continue reading Actively Mourning the Loss of the Passive Voice