"Can you make her white?"

Hey, Texas! Want some sports in your stocking?

They were like the toughest football team ever.  In fact, they charged all over us with long lances. Dyson said, "Oh, what'll we do now?" RC said, "I can't catch any of them!" Coach Jenkins said a lot of things. Join Nate for his hilarious commentary on 4th grade athletics--a funny trip down memory lane… Continue reading Hey, Texas! Want some sports in your stocking?

Only 29 days of Yuletide left!

On the first day of Yuletide, my true love gave to me... A Fuzztastic in a Yule tree.. Turtle Monkey is celebrating her first Yule, and it's not your usual Yuletide celebration! Start your countdown with your free gift:  The Twelve Days of Yuletide.  Free with every copy of A Turtle Monkey Yule. Get all four… Continue reading Only 29 days of Yuletide left!

A New Adventure Series for Children

Follow Eggs the Dog as he explores the crazy world of just about everybody! In Ham and Eggs,  he and his boy Ham make every moment special. Watch for his next adventure:  Eggs with Cheese. The perfect series to read to a little boy who is attached to his dog.  Great for adult dog lovers,… Continue reading A New Adventure Series for Children