Rock ‘n’ Roll is Here to Stay

"Now, Billie Jo,redo it and get the right answers," she would sternly say as my face became now a thousand Flames of Affliction. I prayed right there for lunch, or a fire drill, or for the marching band practicing outside to bust through the door of for the office assistant to interrup,t or for high winds to blow off the roof, or the Second Coming or even a first coming, or for the fighting Steers playing football to throw one long and hard right through the window and knock me unconscious!

The Magic of the Arabian Desert

Introducing Jasser Hammami, our youngest novelist.  Jasser is doing what no one else his age has done in his country:  write a novel in English. Jasser Hammami is a young Tunisian author and a fantasy enthusiast. Unlike most authors, he didn't grow up surrounded by books. As a child, he doesn't recall ever seeing a… Continue reading The Magic of the Arabian Desert

What I Have to Tell: A Memoir

This time, not too little too late.

Diversity in Publishing–All Talk, No Action

Then, SOMEBODY created the word diversity. A bunch of other people of different races and cultures took the word diversity and started TALKING, just talking about the lack of diversity in children's books and in the publishing world, period. THAT TALK has continued to present day, just TALK.

The Power of the Library

This is a reader book list distributed to libraries and sometimes teachers.  This is what they look like. So, what's important?  Your book is placed within a genre so it's easy to find.  Then you will find an industry standard description of your book. The star next to the title means it was reviewed. "Reviewed"… Continue reading The Power of the Library


"Can you make her white?"

To Love a Spy

Laura Beers has another romance out, and it certainly lives up to and exceeds expectations. To Love A Spy continues the historical romance based upon the British problem with Napoleon.  This book, however, focuses upon her sister Kate, who knows nothing about the spy-game.  It's a thrill a minute as Kate is taken hostage and… Continue reading To Love a Spy