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Quid Novi Results Part II

Lori Gama did a presentation on “To Tweet or not to Tweet.”  She is an excellent speaker.  If you need a speaker in your area or are in need of some advice on web design and marketing, she is the one (@lorigama).

As a writer you need to brand yourself.  You are the brand. So to begin with —  can your brand tell a story in 6 words?

In fact, Hemingway wrote a novel in six words:  “For sale:  baby shoes, never worn.”

If you have to go on and on about what your book or poem is about, you have lost focus.  Try to regain that focus with 6 words.  It’s a challenge, but November is the writers’ challenge month.

Use all the social media available to establish your brand.  That will establish trust among your followers.  Post about 3 times a day.  Five hundred Twitter followers will get you on a radio station.  Work your blog.  Write about 5-10 blog pages a week.

If you are with a publisher, try to link your blog to the publisher’s blog.  Then your followers can see you are more than an independent author.  Check your Klout score.  Remember you need “clout”!

For _________(target customer) who has _____(a need),  _________(name of book) is a _____ (market category) that _____(a key benefit) unlike (__________(others in category).  The response to this from any interested party should be “Tell me MORE!”

Know why you are writing your book and to whom that book is directed.  Identify your target audience and then establish a sense of trust and confidence.

So get going!  It’s Writers’ Month!  Good luck.