Official Launch Date

Crystal Publishing, LLC is excited to announce June 1, 2014, as our official launch date. We are eager to offer to you, the reader, a variety of quality Children’s Literature and Young Adult Fiction!

To celebrate the launch, we would like to present to you our first annual Summer Reading Program! Check out our website, under ‘Book Club‘ to register, find the suggested (but not required) reading list, and learn how to submit your completed reads for fun and fabulous prizes!

This month at Crystal Publishing we are pleased to introduce this month’s featured author, Jo Fontana. Jo is a writer of children’s books, and has been writing the Turtle Monkey series for some time. It is exciting for us to make available to a wider audience a book series that is energetic, humorous, and ‘fuzztastic’!

Welcome, book readers and writers!

We hope you enjoy exploring and creating stories with us.



Welcome to Crystal Publishing!


Welcome to our initial blog post! Crystal Publishing is an independent, Colorado-based publisher of Children’s Literature and Young Adult Fiction. This blog will the the information hub for the site. Here you will find information about new releases, publisher announcements, industry news, reading recommendations, author news, contest information, Summer Reading Program events, and much more.

From your imagination to reality, we can make it happen.

This is more than a tagline, it is our ethos.