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Call for 2018 Publications

Yes, that says 2018, and the list keeps growing.  We welcome all ideas and manuscripts.  Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all at once, but we do think ahead for the next year. #crystalpubs2014

Currently, we are looking for children’s books that explore and celebrate diversity; YA books on current topics; adult fiction and non-fiction.  Children’s historical non-fiction is gaining popularity, so if you have an idea, pitch it to us.

If you are thinking of writing a novel or have one underway, please check our style guide posted on our website  The cleaner the original copy the faster we can process and publish.  Our style guide is supplemented by the OCC Style Guide which more closely represents what we are looking for in the editing process.



Publishing, submissions

Congratulations on Publication

First of all, thank you all for the tremendous number of excellent quality manuscripts we have received.  Because we are a small publishing company, we try to pick our projects carefully.

We are happy to announce the 2017 selections have been made.  Our goals for the 2017 publishing round are to continue with the series, to add new genres and authors, to promote writing, and to offer readers alternatives.

Please continue to visit our website to keep up with the latest publications and news from Crystal Publishing.  We look forward to hearing from you.