Haunting. Disturbing.

NEW from Crystal Publishing: Visionary Fiction by Ellis Nelson. Forthcoming, January 2019. Timeless Tulips, Dark Diamonds: A Ghost Story

The face of the Dutch girl glared back at her with dark eyes and mouth twisted into a cruel grimace. From the hall came a sinister laugh. Fear twisted in Lydia’s gut.

As the eerie occurrences continue and Lydia’s health declines, she is convinced she is going crazy until a little Dutch girl named Annika manifests from beyond the grave and demands her help. Whether Annika is a ghost or Lydia is in a time warp really doesn’t matter. What does Annika want? What can Lydia possibly do to help someone who died over 400 years ago? Will Annika kill Lydia if she can’t solve the mystery of the timeless tulips and dark diamonds? Will Lydia succeed in saving herself from the hands of a…ghost?

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