Cyber Monday Book Sales

Cyber Weekend Sale, all CP books 40% off at!

Blemished Beauty

Worlds collide when two strangers suddenly find themselves struggling to survive the Alaskan wilderness. Blemished Beauty is now available at Sheridan Stationery in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming. In honor of cyber weekend, Crystal Publishing is offering all of its recent publications for 40% off! Shop now. Cyber Weekend Sale, all CP books 40% off at!

Romance at Its Best

Be sure to check out Brenda Hodnett's new romance novel: Blemished Beauty.  Release  scheduled for August. @crystalpubs2014 Insecurity and self-esteem issues plague our heroine Daphne Zollinger.  Will she come to terms with herself and make the right choices? Cover by        

Back Cover Art

After concentrating on front cover art, I have moved on to back cover art. The back of the book is just as important as the front cover. This discussion is probably moot if you are publishing only e-books, but I found an entire new world of design for physical books. The front cover should catch… Continue reading Back Cover Art

RIP: The Aspostrophe?

  Is it true?  Is this one little mark soon to be an extinct creature?  Are we purposely jettisoning the old in favor of ....?  Yes, you heard me:  extinction or ...? Something?  Nothing? I've heard this rumor for years now and wondered how we would get along without it. So where are you in… Continue reading RIP: The Aspostrophe?

Quid Novi Results Part II

Lori Gama did a presentation on "To Tweet or not to Tweet."  She is an excellent speaker.  If you need a speaker in your area or are in need of some advice on web design and marketing, she is the one (@lorigama). As a writer you need to brand yourself.  You are the brand. So… Continue reading Quid Novi Results Part II

Welcome to Crystal Publishing!

Welcome to our initial blog post! Crystal Publishing is an independent, Colorado-based publisher of Children's Literature and Young Adult Fiction. This blog will the the information hub for the site. Here you will find information about new releases, publisher announcements, industry news, reading recommendations, author news, contest information, Summer Reading Program events, and much more.… Continue reading Welcome to Crystal Publishing!