Congratulations on Publication

First of all, thank you all for the tremendous number of excellent quality manuscripts we have received.  Because we are a small publishing company, we try to pick our projects carefully. We are happy to announce the 2017 selections have been made.  Our goals for the 2017 publishing round are to continue with the series, to… Continue reading Congratulations on Publication

Cursive is Alive?

Once all but left for dead, is cursive handwriting making a comeback? - The Washington Post I have spent hours combing through fonts to find something for children.  I was first alerted that cursive was no longer taught when I sent a handwritten note to a 10-year-old. Finding the right fonts that do no… Continue reading Cursive is Alive?

Actively Mourning the Loss of the Passive Voice

This is a sensitive topic for me.  Studying the classics makes you extremely aware of the passive voice. I was in a writing group one time where one of the members had followed his whim to walk in Hemingway's shoes.  He went to Paris and visited all the usual Hemingway sites. When he returned, he had… Continue reading Actively Mourning the Loss of the Passive Voice

Self-Publishing Mistakes

5 Rarely Discussed Self-Publishing Mistakes: What NOT To Do BY J. J. HEBERT - PRESIDENT OF MINDSTIR MEDIA Don’t self-publish your first draft: If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a self-published author banging his head on his desk. It happens every few seconds. Listen very, very carefully. There’s another bang. He thought the book… Continue reading Self-Publishing Mistakes