Only 29 days of Yuletide left!

On the first day of Yuletide, my true love gave to me... A Fuzztastic in a Yule tree.. Turtle Monkey is celebrating her first Yule, and it's not your usual Yuletide celebration! Start your countdown with your free gift:  The Twelve Days of Yuletide.  Free with every copy of A Turtle Monkey Yule. Get all four… Continue reading Only 29 days of Yuletide left!

Is It Halloween Yet?

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Halloween is right down the road.  Why not make yours a Turtle Monkey Halloween this year? Follow the adventures of Turtle Monkey and visit Jo Fontana at Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus:

Back-to-school Anxiety

Turtle Monkey must move and start a new school.  She is sad and excited at the same time. Discover the hilarious antics of Turtle Monkey and her friends Laugh at her unusual stories and situations Learn how you too could have a "monkey" problem and how a little green monkey just might help you face… Continue reading Back-to-school Anxiety

Is It Time Yet?

Turtle Monkey is so anxious to meet everyone today, she can barely constrain herself. Visit Turtle Monkey and her creator, Jo Fontana, at Park Hill Library 3-5 4705 Montview Blvd. Denver, CO 80207 Win your very own Turtle Monkey! Turtle Monkey and the Big Move, $12.95 Illustrations by Corbin Hillam. Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google… Continue reading Is It Time Yet?

Hey Denver

Jo Fontana will be reading from her latest book, Turtle Monkey and the Big Move. The launch is July 30 at the Park Hill Library 3-5, 4705 Montview Blvd.  See you there. #crystalpubs2014. Jo will raffle off one of the original monkeys that inspired the series.  Be sure to come early to get a raffle… Continue reading Hey Denver

Turtle Monkey Debuts

Turtle Monkey will launch her new series July 30, 2016.  The event will take place at the Park Hill Library at 4705 Montview Blvd. Denver, Colorado from 3 - 5. Jo will tell you a little about Turtle Monkey and read some excerpts (in her turtle monkey voice). Turtle Monkey will raffle tickets for a… Continue reading Turtle Monkey Debuts

Turtle Monkey Specials

Turtle Monkey likes holidays like any other kid.  @crystalpubs2014 Her favorite holiday is Halloween. Schedule for release mid-September. A Turtle Monkey Yule, plus a bonus surprise, will be the perfect gift.  When Fuzztastic the cat joins the family, the holiday fun and humorous chaos will keep your child occupied. See Jo Fontana: Email: Website: Facebook:… Continue reading Turtle Monkey Specials

Oh, My Tummy Hurts

Have you ever had a tummy ache?  Not the kind that lets you skip school for a day? A BAD tummy ache? @crystalpubs2014 Watch as Turtle Monkey learns that not everything you eat is necessarily good for you. Turtle Monkey and the Unfriendly Mushrooms is the second book in the Turtle Monkey series by Jo… Continue reading Oh, My Tummy Hurts

Monkey Business

A simple little game turns into a bad situation for Turtle Monkey.  Could Little Ape actually be a hero?  @crystalpubs2014 Turtle Monkey and the Unfriendly Mushrooms available soon. Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Join the Turtle Monkey Fan Club and get your own Turtle Monkey!