Timeless Tulips, Dark Diamonds

I write to stave off the madness that encircles me.

A New Discovery

Laura Beers has just published her second novel in her Regency Spy Romance series, A Peculiar Courtship.  The official release date is Dec. 2.  That’s right around the corner! And I do believe I spy more historical romance in her future!  Beers’ writing is fast-paced, emotionally charged, energetic, and fresh.  I’m already waiting for the… Continue reading A New Discovery

What Is Going on at Gregson Manor?

Who (or what) is this evil force wreaking havoc on the Gregson Manor?  Jack Gregson and his two cousins set out to find this force and destroy it.  But can they?  Only if they can find the Forgotten Portal. Read this riveting mystery by P. Wilson and see if you can follow the clues and… Continue reading What Is Going on at Gregson Manor?