Donate to Dogs

If you're an animal lover, what better way to enjoy the holidays than giving back to those cuddle balls that provide so much love in our lives? #crystalpubs2014 All proceeds from Sparkles goes to animal rescue.  We have donated $1000 to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and we are now working on a… Continue reading Donate to Dogs

Sparkles is Still Sparkling

Sparkles still needs your help.  So many dogs and so few funds to help them along.  This next campaign goes out to Big Bones Rescue.  They are just recuperating from a fire -- no dog was injured.  Help save a life.  All proceeds go to animal rescue. @crystalpubs2014 Kathryn will be 101 soon.  She has… Continue reading Sparkles is Still Sparkling

Sparkles is still sparkling

Sparkles is our #1 seller for 2015.  The author has donated over $1250 to animal rescues.  @crystalpubs2014 Thank you, Kathryn, for all the kind work you have done on the behalf of animals in need. Just shows you what you can do when you turn 100!!  Stay tuned for her latest book, Cat Tales.  All… Continue reading Sparkles is still sparkling

Secret to a Long, Happy Life?

The Power of Pets: Creating a Connection By Barbara Worthington Animals can open the lines of  communication with older adults, diminish their isolation, and even improve physical conditions. Americans have long been a society of animal lovers. Animals provide companionship, unconditional love, and lifelong friendship. In 2007, 71.1 million U.S. households owned some type of… Continue reading Secret to a Long, Happy Life?

Author of the Month

Kathryn Scott Landy, Author To celebrate her 100th birthday, the author wrote a book about her favorite pet dog. A retired educator, she began teaching in a one-room school during the Great Depression and then in a bomb shelter during World War II. She currently resides in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Over her 45-year career, Mrs. Landy has… Continue reading Author of the Month