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Somebody Potty Training?

Children in the potty training stage will love this colorful book by Corbin Hillam.  Your child will definitely be one of The Purple Group!

“Did I say pee and poop?”

Available soon on Amazon and

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The Elephant Who Likes Eggplant

“There’s an elephant who likes eggplant.

Oh, he loves it so.

He plants it and waters it

And eats it real slow.”


Do you like eggplant?  Well, there’s an elephant who does.  Read more about this very funny elephant in Animals Galore, forthcoming from Crystal Publishing.

Illustrations by Corbin Hillam.

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Featured Illustrator and Writer: Corbin Hillam

Attention Denver:  Corbin Hillam is in your area.  The veteran illustrator now has his own series of books.  Eggs with Friends is a touching series that emphasizes the tender relationship a dog has with the people and objects in his life.

We want Corbin to do some fancy chalk work for the series, so let’s hope the weather reverts to that warm spell we had.

Eggs with Ham is now available at

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Jake Saves the World!

Jake the Happy Trash Truck has a very important job. He picks up the trash in his neighborhood to help keep his town clean and safe. Jake is very good at his job and takes pride in helping those around him.

What makes trash fun?  Jake the Happy Trash Truck, of course.  Follow Jake as he takes on trash troubles and recycles them to perfection.

This is the perfect book to teach recycling and the value of our environment.  Appropriate for all ages, superhero included.

Follow the adventures of Jake at

Now on sale at  Also available in Spanish.

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A Story of a Dog and His Boy

I don’t know why Ham wants to go to school when we have so much fun at home.  I’m curious.

Corbin Hillam is launching his release of Eggs with Ham October 22 in the Denver area.  Stay tuned for details.

Ham and Eggs is perfect for a young boy, especially one who loves his dog.

Follow the adventures of Eggs the Dog in this delightful new series, Eggs the Dog and Friends.

Written and illustrated by Corbin Hillam.

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Do You Have an Attention Monster?

The Attention Monster spots me and SNAP!  He’s stolen my concentration.  This usually happens during school at a time when I can be easily trapped…My mind bounces around and then suddenly something grabs me and pulls me out the window.  Dragons, giants, and superheroes frequently yank me outside.

And so Nathan starts school and the Attention Monster takes him into the world of 4th-grade athletics.

This hilarious tale of school and sports is now available on  Visit LT Garvin on FaceBook.


Back-to-school Anxiety

Turtle Monkey must move and start a new school.  She is sad and excited at the same time.

  • Discover the hilarious antics of Turtle Monkey and her friends
  • Laugh at her unusual stories and situations
  • Learn how you too could have a “monkey” problem and how a little green monkey just might help you face that problem with humor.


Turtle Monkey and the Big Move now available at or contact for an autographed copy and Turtle Monkey coloring page.

Appropriate for ages 4-10.