Beat the Heat–READ

If you're trying to stay cool in this record heat, try following Serena the Snail through the lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest. Serena and her papa have great fun exploring the flora and fauna.  Serena's message is one that resonate in children's ears:  if at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.  Making… Continue reading Beat the Heat–READ

Jake and His Fancy Recycle Truck is Back

Jake is still busy saving the environment.  Cheer for him as our recycle hero sets out to save the world.  This is the second edition of this book, a 2015 Moonbeam Winner. @crystalpubs2014 The perfect book for teaching children the importance of preserving our environment. Second edition coming soon, AND there's a sequel you'll certainly… Continue reading Jake and His Fancy Recycle Truck is Back

Corbin Hillam–Talented Illustrator AND Writer

Corbin is not only one of Crystal Publishing's illustrators, but he is also the author of 4, now 5, children's books. @crystalpubs2014 Eggs and Ham:  The Story of Eggs the Dog and His Best Friend Hamlet. Soon to be released.  An interactive series. Visit Corbin at

Meet Our Youngest Author

Ellen Raine has been writing since elementary school.  Splat! is the result of a teacher's great idea to get kids interested in writing.  Ellen is the secretary of the National Junior Honor Society, an accomplished ballerina who is performing in New York this month, and an outstanding cook. @crystalpubs2014

Historical Non-fiction for Children

Renate G. Justin has had a remarkable life.  Her story, A Long Journey, will bring tears to your eyes.  A Holocaust survivor, Renate wrote this book to explain this moment in history to her grandchildren.  @crystalpubs2014 In 1934, Renate received a Kaethe Kruse doll.  She named her Giesela.  Renate's sister later received her Kaethe Kruse… Continue reading Historical Non-fiction for Children

Sparkles is Still Sparkling

Sparkles still needs your help.  So many dogs and so few funds to help them along.  This next campaign goes out to Big Bones Rescue.  They are just recuperating from a fire -- no dog was injured.  Help save a life.  All proceeds go to animal rescue. @crystalpubs2014 Kathryn will be 101 soon.  She has… Continue reading Sparkles is Still Sparkling

Kudos to Corbin

Corbin Hillam is the man behind the scenes who puts life into a wide variety of characters.  He is a wonderful illustrator and author.  His books include Jennifer of the Jungle, Jennifer of the City, and the Biggest Alphabet Book. His next book, Ham and Eggs, is forthcoming from Crystal Publishing. @crystalpubs Check him out… Continue reading Kudos to Corbin