Nothing but A Song Wins Moonbeam

And once again, we have a winner!  Keri De Deo wins a Moonbeam for her debut novel, Nothing but A Song.

Rebecca Kendall has a life any nineteen-year-old would envy: musical talent, love romance, and a promising future. When a tragic accident erases her past, present, and future, Rebecca’s life turns into turmoil and irreconcilable loss. Beca faces her new life alone angry, depressed, and DEAF.

Review: “After buying your book, I was hooked! I can’t put it down! Every time I finish one chapter, I read to the next, having this desire to read more to see what happens next! This book is one of my favorites! I love Rebecca! She is my favorite chapter in the book, she reminds me of when I was young! I love it how she was willing to learn ASL after her accident. It fills my heart with joy! And I love the ending! [Edited to avoid spoiler alert!] If you ever decide to do a movie about this book, please let me know. I would love to audition as Rebecca–Your biggest fan, Teagan

PS: I can’t wait to hear the song from the book!”

Check out Keri De Deo at See how you can get the song for free.

Available on Amazon, Lulu, B&N



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