Book Reviews Matter

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Reviews matter. If you are Amazon-savvy (who isn’t!), you know they ask you to write a review for everything you buy. If I’m selling hammers, those reviews don’t mean much. But, if you are a writer, they mean the world to you.

You cannot pay people to review your books. That is not ethical. Amazon reviews can bump you into a category where you get free exposure and marketing. The number was 30, but there is talk of raising it to 40. Apple is seeking to rival Amazon. Have your book reviewed on every possible platform you can think of.

But what about paid reviews! Can you do that?

Yes. And just one of those can make all the difference to your sales. Professional reviews appear ON your book. They are paid reviews, so save up! Most paid reviews ask for an unpublished book. Once you rush to publish, only a few will accept you.

Caveat: Do not send a book for a paid review if you are not 100% behind your book. A bad review will NOT sell your book. And remember, these paid reviews go into trade magazines and library catalogs. A good review sells books; a bad review could be the kiss of death. If you aspire to be a bestselling author, you need a review.

The following are recommended:

Kirkus–this one is gold. Look at The NYT Best Seller List. Most bear a Kirkus review on the cover. Expensive. Takes 4-6 weeks.

Blue Ink Reviews–reasonable cost

Publishers Weekly

Midwest Book Review–this one may take a published book

Hometown Reads

Readers Favorite Book Review

Indie Reader

San Francisco Book Review — $125

Portland Book Review

Readers View

Foreward Book Review

If you are one of many sitting around wondering why your book isn’t selling, a review may be what it needs.

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