The Best Book Launch Ever

PREORDERS are the easiest and least expensive method of launching a book.

You do not need a cover or finished copy.  BUT, if you are launching on a Monday and have not contacted your provider, you may not have a book to launch!  Always give at least a 10-day notice.

STRETCH the preorders out at least one month.  Give yourself some buffer room in case something happens.  You can always release early.  NEVER LATE.

Promote your ebook months in advance.  That way, you capture the audience while they are interested.  They may not remember you in a month.  Readers submit a credit card, but nothing is charged on the card until the book comes out.  It’s a good way to build the buzz.

Timing:  avoid Tuesday.  Political books and major presses release on Tuesday.  You don’t want to compete.  Saturdays and Sundays are not recommended.  If you want a bestseller, try a Monday, early in the month.  Avoid holidays where family is involved, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

HYPE:  contests, chapter reveals, cover reveals, giveaways, blog tours.

Include an acknowledgment.  This should probably go unsaid, but I am surprised at the number of books that do not have acknowledgments.  Need I mention the word “rude”?  If you remember from Publishing Best Practices, negativity is a no-no.  So, always be considerate and thank the ones who helped you through this adventure.  Thank your sellers.  Thank your fans.

And again, thank you, RMFW and Jim Azevedo

Image:  Shutterstock license

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