The World around Him Exploded

A storm is brewing…Will Tony have the inner courage to prove himself? #MG

Wedge of Fear is the latest publication from author Eugene Gagliano, Wyoming Poet Laureate.

Overshadowed by the death of his brother Tony encounters the western way of life when hIs parents move fro the East Coast to Wyoming.  StartinG at a new school as a sixth grader isn’ easy when your controlling mother s fearful of everything.  Tony likes his new teacher, Mr. Brunswick, but the class bully does her best to make his life difficult.  Jed, the son of a rancher, befriends Tony and helps him adjust to his new environment.  Life becomes more complicated when the winds of change and unpredictable events lead his parents to question Tony’s ability to take care of himself and be responsible.  But the storm that rages inside him is nothing compared to the coming tempest…


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