#Writing Contests and Marketing

Now you have all the hashtags and dates of these wild parties.  They last about 8 hours, so keep up your energy!  Contact an agent soon. #publishing

Who to follow:

  • #Pitmad & #PitchWars              Brenda Drake            @BrendaDrake
  •   Pitchers.org                               Heather Cashman     @HeatherCashman
  • #AdPit & #KidPit                         Heidi Norrod             @HRHorrod
  • links.com/wordpress.com/6jyjN
  • #PBpit                                            Mandy Yates               @mandyyates
  • Debra Kempf Shumaker                                                  @ShumakerDebra
  • #SFFpit                                           Dan Koboldt               @DanKoboldt
  • dankoboldt.com
  • #WritePit                                       Jessica Schmeidler     @TheWriteShadow
  • #QueryKombat                             Michelle Hauck.         @Michelle4Laughs
  • #SunvsSnow, #NoQS
  • Pitch America                               Laura Pohl                   @laurampohl
  • pitchamerica.wordpress.com
  • #PitDark                                         Jason Heubinger         @PitDark_
  • jasonheubinger.com/pitdark
  • #Pit2Pub                                         Samantha Fountain    @FountainWriter
  • pitch2pub.com
  • #OAFlash, #PassorPages              Kara Reynolds              @OpAwesome6
  • operationawesome6blogspot.com
  • Sub It Club                                      subitclub.wordpress.com.    @SubitClub


These parties are free but don’t overstep your welcome.  You do not chase the agent; the agent chases you.  Research the agents.  They may generously give you a few minutes of their time.  Don’t waste that opportunity.  Know your book and be able to reduce it to one sentence that sucks in the reader.

“Call an agent” image pexel from pixabay.com

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