Rock ‘n’ Roll is Here to Stay

NEW from LT Garvin:  Dancing with the Sandman.  A humorous yet poignant story of past and present, dancing to the beat of rock ‘n’ roll, blasting the turmoil of the Sixties. And where are you?  West Texas, of course.  Hold on for the ride of your life–in a big nose Buick!

Recommended for Boomers, rock ‘n’ rollers, and anybody who enjoys a journey through time.

What is it about a place and a time? The answer to this is many things, things that inspire us, things that remind us, and things that propel us. Dancing with the Sandman is a book that travels back and examines the essence of a small West Texas town in America. It is a journey that is emboldened by both the good events and the heartbreaking events in the life of Billie Jo Dunstan. Billie Jo is a small town girl with an uncanny sense of comprehension and a capacity to see reason beyond the borders of this small town. She pulls back the layers of dust and isolation and brings a childhood of the 60s to the forefront.

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