To Love a Spy

Beckett Files III, To Love a Spy - Laura Beers copy (dragged)

Laura Beers has another romance out, and it certainly lives up to and exceeds expectations.

To Love A Spy continues the historical romance based upon the British problem with Napoleon.  This book, however, focuses upon her sister Kate, who knows nothing about the spy-game.  It’s a thrill a minute as Kate is taken hostage and the spy-game begins.

The novel debuts April 2.  If you like historical romance, take a look.

My review:

Another page-turner by Laura Beers.  If you are not following her and love historical romance, find Laura Beers. To Love a Spy is the third book of an irresistible series, The Beckett Files.  This novel features Shadow’s sister, Kate.  Kate and Eliza (code name Shadow) were separated at a young age.  While Eliza was lucky enough to be banished from the home, Kate was not. She endured countless cruelties at the hands of her French-spy husband, Michel.  Now that Michel is dead, Kate is caught up in the spy world, not knowing the difference between the truth and the many lies she has heard, not knowing what actually lies behind a persona.  However, Kate is a strong woman.  When the tension rises and she has to choose which man to shoot, Kate is true to herself and her country.

Laura Beers writes historical fiction that not only transports the reader into the time and place, but she also does so in such a manner that the suspense of what may come doesn’t leave the reader any choice but to keep reading.  Fascinating plot structure and characters you want to hold on to—or read the next novel to keep the moment alive.

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