Marketing for Success

This week’s blog material extends beyond the publishing process.  If you think about the comparison of a baby and a book, you’ll see they have many things in common.  Let’s say the making of a baby takes at least 9 months.  Perhaps there were other attempts that took quite a while.  So now the making of a baby takes 9+ months.  Much like a novel.  Carrying that baby was at the very least, challenging.  Some pregnancies are easier than others.  Labor?  Was that one push and it was over, or did it last for hours upon hours?
Now you have that baby you have wanted to hold in your arms.  All your life you have dreamed of this baby. What do you do?  Here are some possible options.  1.) Do nothing.  Let the little thing just lie there and try to care of itself. 2.) Shake your head and offer not the least bit of attention.  3.) Sell the baby. Maybe someone else will like it.  4.) Let the baby die and move on to another one.  You can see where I’m going with this one.
Harsh?  Absolutely.  But that is exactly what you are doing if you write that novel, publish it, and then fall into one of the above options.
Your best strategy?  Love your baby.  Give it all you can give.  Introduce your baby to the world and be proud.  Nourish that baby until it can provide for itself, and then don’t ever forget your journey and what this baby means to you.
So…how did my book turn into a metaphor for a baby?
Simple answer:  I went to a conference.  I had the pleasure (distaste?) of listening to an author complain about her publisher.  According to her, her small publisher had done NOTHING to promote her book.  (Drama, drama, tears.)  So, the presenter asked her what SHE was doing to market her book.  What was HER marketing strategy?
Response:  blank look
If your response is a blank look, then read on.  Each day this week, I’m providing some simple marketing suggestions.  Some are DIY; others you may need to outsource.  BUT before you opt for outsourcing, check your contract, your bank account, and your resources.
Market ’til you make it.

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