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Welcome to the best spot for romance authors to reach thousands of fresh readers!

Below this you’ll see the links to grab your newsletter promo, but first we wanted to take about 13 seconds to give you a general idea of exactly how we can go above and beyond to help you sell a TON more books.

We’ve been at this “author marketing” thing now for quite a while and now help almost 15K authors across a large number of genres sell more books & build a thriving business.  Our multiple book discovery ecosystems can reach up to 3 million readers each week and connect authors to massive audiences of readers through our various promotions.  Below we will break down a fast menu of services for romance authors that have been proven to not just work but often blow the doors off expectations.

And if you ever have questions or needs you can’t find the answer to… no problem!  That’s why we developed a now legendary support department just for you!  If you have any questions or need to know the availability of specific programs you can always hit “reply” and ask!

Thank you so much for joining us and we are super excited to work with you!

The RomanceDevoured Author Promotions Team

Newsletter Sponsorships | Newsletter Building | Boxed Set Publishing & Promotion

Most Popular – Book Your Newsletter Promotion: 

Do you want more sales & downloads fast?  Book your newsletter promo with us that will also blast through FaceBook, Twitter & land in the emails of over 25K subscribers.  All in all we have a combined reach of between 50K – 75K readers per week.  You may feature either a free book or a $.99 book!  Sales are always great because readers tend to jump at those opportunities more than a full priced.

All slots are 1st come 1st serve.  We often fill up pretty fast and have to book out weeks in advance.  HOWEVER, we will also do what ever is needed to make sure we can hit your date if you have a promo date you need.

If you have any questions and/or need to do bulk ordering simply hit “reply” and let us know what you need.

Grab your spots here: (order up to 4 at once!)

Let Us Grow Your Email Newsletter:

The main reason you’re here is because we have a powerful newsletter.  Every day we grow our reach using paid advertising to get more and more readers subscribing so we can connect them with you.  Email, even today, is still the most powerful form of promotion open to every author.  Yet a lot of authors don’t focus on it.  The reason?  It’s A LOT of work.  That is unless you let us do it for you.

We’ve developed a system that has already handed out over 1.5 million subscribers to authors and is open for you to use for less than $1 per day!

You can watch a short video breakdown on exactly how it works here >>

Get Paid Royalties & Keep All Your Rights!

As you might imagine, when we announced we were going to start publishing boxed sets, giving all the authors a cut AND letting everyone keep their rights, it sold out pretty fast!  We open up a new set with a new romance theme each month.

There are only 20 spots per book and they tend to sell out quickly!  To get the dirty details & see what our latest theme is you can click here >>

Hate Marketing?  Let Us Do It For You!

Over the years we have had many authors request “agency” level marketing services.  We now take on a small number of top level authors every few months and completely take over as their marketing department.

As of the writing of this email we can manage up to $1mill per year in author ad spend and cover services including

  • All elements of FaceBook ads
  • All elements of AMS ads
  • All elements of coordinated media(newsletter promo) buys
  • Launch & business development strategy
  • And a lot more

There are two levels to this agency program and one is by application only.  You can watch a short video about it here.  The link to the application form can be found in the video description

The other level covers AMS + coordinated email marketing.  For more information on that please hit “reply” and ask about.

What To Expect From Us

We have a lot of love for the authors who invest in promotions with us and always let them know about new services/products first.  Once you make your first purchase you’ll be on the VIP list and will get heads up reminders about open spots (called remainders).  We will also be emailing from time to time with questions as well as marketing training!

Below this you will find links to our podcast which helped one author generate over $100K/month with their books!

For more info about us and our founder you can check out the show here >>

Can’t wait to work with you!

Hit us back if you have any questions!

Chat soon,

The RomanceDevoured Author Marketing Crew

Author Marketing Training & Mindset With Our Founder

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Part 2: How Long Does It Take Success To Show Up (And How To Make It Faster)

Part 3: Setting Up Effective, Long Term Author Marketing Strategies 

Part 4: Am I Selling Out?  Kevin Tumlinson & The Power Of “Pivot”

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