NaNoWriMo Ends Another Year

If you put in about the same effort I did, you are in the try-it-again-next-year club!  I haven’t succeeded yet, but I do get closer every year.

But isn’t that what writing is really about?  All the time and  effort is for us.  It makes us a better person, we’ve (sort of) created something, and we emerge changed for the good.  Writing builds character and a smug type of inner satisfaction, but the bottom line is we do it for ourselves.

Any of us who have done our time in the writing world, know that effort and willingness are certainly essentials in that world. We also know that even though the creation of the written expression is a vital component to writing, we also know that rules apply and we don’t always get it right the first time.

And then come the rewrites–tedious and meticulous rewrites.  What is the exact right verb in this sentence?  We write so we can rewrite and rewrite.

And that, in a nut shell, is the writing process, unless, of course, you are rich and famous.
Then your masterpiece moves quickly through the system and voilá the New York Times Best Seller List

The rest of us go round and round until we find the magic in our NaMoWriMo moment.



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