About Us

Crystal Publishing is a small publishing company in Ft. Collins, Co.  We designed the company based on the underlying premise that authors do not get paid what they’re worth.  @crystalpubs2014

And they don’t.  Pure and simple.  So we wanted to set the industry on its head:  make it profitable for a writer to make a living while he/she is alive.

Remember, most of the earlier great writers had to DIE first and then be appreciated later.  And even after death, some still get ripped to pieces.  (See my article on passive voice.)

The original intention was to publish a few children’s books and young adult books. Both have their pros and cons.

A children’s book is simple language with engaging illustrations.  It took me a few years to find illustrators.  Corbin Hillam has been a godsend.  Ashley Young, Chelsea Glanz, Maggie Walker–all found by accident, and all so very talented.

The layout of a children’s book is not so simple.  One must take into consideration reading levels, word count, and linking key words to illustrations.

Young Adult novels appear to be even more simple–text + cover.  However, even that has not been easy.  Writers, especially new ones, have to learn to rewrite and rewrite, ad nauseam, according to editorial direction.  Some balk; some cooperate.  And those covers you gaze at in a bookstore, the ones that draw your attention, are not easy.  So enter the cover designer.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to produce a book for a child or young adult. Once we reach that point, we hope the child/young adult will be a reader for life, and in turn, someday share his/her experiences with other young readers.



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