Ouch! Grammar? Noooo

Line editing is very intensive work.  Crystal Publishing is now implementing a style guide for new writers.  Please check out our website.

While discussing this with several editors, I came across a great website:  http://www.writingexcuses.com

Also available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/writing-excuses/id990871441?mt=2

These podcasts are great and funny.  Fifteen minutes of excellent advice from simple brainstorming to complex structures.  They even have a writing/grammar cruise you can go on!  Too bad I don’t like water.  Sounds like a great experience.

Grammar seems to be all over the place today.  The rules are changing and fast.  If you are writing according to “old school rules,” then be aware of the changes.  I did spend time at B&N looking for up to date style guides, but since it takes a while to get those published, they often lag behind what is current.

Before you submit a manuscript or even a query letter, have several read it for you for errors. There is a psychological phenomenon whereby when you read your own material, whether silently or aloud, you read what you THINK you wrote.

For example, I write the following sentence.

George run up the pip and fell the ground.

If I read that back, I would say

George ran up the pipe and fell to the ground.

In my mind, I wrote the correct sentence even though I didn’t write it correctly.

There’s a name for this.  If any of you know it, send me a reminder.  Siri thinks I’m talking about her! Oh my….





1 thought on “Ouch! Grammar? Noooo”

  1. I love writing excuses! I reference them often in my blog, to clients, and to my writer friends as well. Brandon Sanderson (one of the commentators/authors on Writing Excuses) also has a really well done series of videos on Youtube. You basically get to sit in for free on his creative writing lectures. Thanks for sharing!


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