A Salute to Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for over a year now.  Those of you who do this for a living or even on a daily basis, I salute you. @crystalpubs2014

This is hard work.  Someone asked me where all the words come from.  He just sits and stares at the screen. I know I do that a lot, and I’m sure many of you have also had that “duh” moment.

When I have a book in the publishing process, I have something to talk about:  content, authors, editors, designers…

However, during periods between production, I, too, find myself just staring at a blank screen.  Then I pull out my experiences with publishing, post conference slides, and write about writing.

I don’t purport to know everything about publishing or writing in every genre, but I am willing to share my experiences and listen to you.

For the most part, readers are helpful and kind.  Stay positive and write!!!!



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