Author of the Month

Meet Ashley M. Young. Illustrator and Fine Artist @SerenatheSnail

Ashley’s masters in education and research in empathy development illuminated the power of storytelling. Stories can educate, inspire, and capture the imagination. Listening to and rea1016289_4342186252815_795505767_n.jpgding stories can be an active learning experience where students become a part of the narrative.
Her passion for animal conservation and science make Ashley’s stories powerful teaching tools for the parent or teacher. Her characters are often unexpected animals drawn from her experiences as a zoo keeper and environmental educator.
She hopes you enjoy the magic of perceiving the world through the eyes of some of our smallest neighbors.

Ashley M. Young, M. Ed.
EE Curriculum Specialist
The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. 
Albert Einstein


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