Jake The Happy Trash Truck Goes to Stunning Gala

The Moonbeam Awards medalist ceremony will take place at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City, Michigan on the evening of Saturday, November 14th. The event runs from 6 to 8 pm and all medalists and their guests are invited. Lots of good food and an open bar, in a stunning glass-walled, 10th floor banquet room. All medalists will be introduced and invited to say a few words about their books, and a photographer will be on hand for official medalist photos. We hope you can join us!

And in case you can’t, be assured that we’ll be recording the entire event!

There were 48 categories and 1,400 total entries representing 36 US States, the District of Columbia, 6 Canadian provinces, Australia, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Spain.

Check us out at crystalpublishingllc@crystalpublishingllcLearn more about the oonbeam Awards at http://www.MoonbeamAwards.com

Jake the Happy Trash Truck
Jake the Happy Trash Truck

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